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At Dental Shetland we are passionate about dentistry.  Our motivation is to make a difference: either by alleviating pain or by creating beautiful smiles.  We are confident & optimistic that we can help you.

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Dr Ian Tinkler (dentist: 47608)

Kerry Sjoberg (Dental Therapist: 112535


Now Registering NHS Patients.
Check ups
Scale & Clean
Fissure Sealants 

We are currently accepting new NHS patients.

Dr Ian Tinkler and Kerry Sjoberg are taking on National Health Service patients.  Children and young adults are the priority, however all are most welcome. 


We are dedicated to providing the highest possible dental care to NHS and private patients.  Affordable and varied options available to help all our patients.

please phone to make an appointment now


If you are interested in registering, you may use the on- line consultation form and we will get back to you to arrange an appointment as soon as possible:



                                                                                      All children and young adults aged under 18 are entitled to Free Treatment under the NHS.


We shall soon be offering
Child Smile.
Regular free check ups and fluoride treatment
Kerry Sjoberg
Dental Therapist
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