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Dr David Lubbe of Dental Shetland is a long standing Dental Surgeon with a good reputation. 

This is what our patients have to say about our care

(for the sake of privacy, the patients' own photos are not used):

Wind in her Hair
Testimonial 1


Spent my whole life dreaming about the day my smile could be made beautiful--So you have made a dream come true!

Your staff are all wonderful and each played their own part in such a successful outcome for me. They are so kind and are such lovely characters. Thank you for my new smile--You have made my life more beautiful!  F

Testimonial 2


Brilliant treatment.  I made an appointment and finally had my teeth fixed and had tooth coloured fillings done.  I can't believe my worn down teeth are back to normal.  I have a bite guard now that I can sleep with too. Thank you for the professional understanding care.  RB

Testimonial 3


I came to Dr Lubbe's practice with toothache which other dentists were unable to solve.  I also had very skew front teeth and as a result rarely smiled.  Dr Lubbe did root canal therapy and made a porcelain crown and my problem is solved permanently.  He suggested Invisalign aligners to straighten my teeth without hassle.  12 months later, I cannot stop smiling!  Thank you!  Ms LI

Testimonial 4


My teeth were broken down and discoloured as I had not had dental treatment for many years.   Dr Lubbe has done Whitening and tooth coloured Composite fillings in my mouth.  He explained the treatment to me and gave me a treatment plan so that I could understand & plan. My self confidence is now back and I have a new job directly as a result of his professional care. Ms MM

Testimonial 5


They are fantastic, the staff are lovely and always get you an appointment that suits you and the dentists are funny which puts you at ease and they are great at sorting your teeth.  Recommend!  ES

Testimonial 6


First class treatment from ALL staff.  10 crowns, NO pain, brilliant staff and truly wonderful teeth at the end.  I cannot thank and praise you enough.  Today is the first day of the rest of my smiling life.  FG

Testimonial 7


I waited for years to pluck up the courage to go to a dentist to fix my teeth. I had gaps and ugly amalgam fillings. Dr Lubbe did a Full case Assessment and offered me several different options to fix my teeth. He answered all of my questions & I am thrilled with the treatment he did.  He did a Dental Implant which was so easy and no pain at all.  I now have beautiful crowns and bridges and Veneers which look so natural and feel great!  I make sure I return for regular maintenance appointments.   LM

Gorgeous Redhead
Testimonial 8


The first time ever that I have been able to get my teeth done pain-free !  I am getting over my anxiousness and can see my dream teeth being realised within the next 12 months.  I didn't know that there was a better dentist available and I have found him at Dental Shetland.  Thank you for your patience and expertise.  No one has been able to anaesthetise me before. MM

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